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    New Shooter Manager.

    By Getsuei#,


    Hello everyone,
    Today I want to make the announcement on the new Shooter Manager

    The Lucky person is.....  @#kawaii
    Congratulations with your new rank.
    You are freely to do what you want with your squad, just inform me on what you are planning on doing.

    Just don't get lawless.

    This is all I wanted to say for today,



    Fuck the System DEV News #5 - New lobby [Preview]

    By TobseN,


    Dear community, we are back again with another DEV news.

    We hope that these news will be interesting for you, so read it, don't hesitate!




    Accepted Trials and kicked/left members

    By Getsuei#,


    Hey guys, as the title of this topic says, I want to accept a trial and say bye to the people who left the clan, and got kicked
    First of all, congratulations for @levson for passing his trial, this doesn't mean @Casemiro is declined, your trial will probably be finished in the next few days.
    And ofcourse welcome @Gravity, good luck in your trial period!

    But people also left our family, so I wanna say my goodbyes to
    You guys will be missed.
    But there are 2 people being kicked out of fts aswell.
    You 2 will be missed for sure aswell.

    Goodbye and cya till the next update!

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